Reliable Partner in Food, Plastic & Protective Packaging for a Wide Variety of Industries

The Most Compact, reliable and robust Thermal Inkjet Coder for packaging printing on the market.

An ultra Versatile thermal inkjet coder adaptable to your packaging printng needs.

Now Systems is a premier manufacturer and distributor providing various types of inspecting machines such as a metal detector, an automatic check weigher and an X-ray machine to both domestic and overseas market.

Shrink wrapping machines serve outstanding adaptability and precision in the sealing-shrink wrapping process of a wide range of products along with a user-friendly interface and the highest safety standards. The goal is to wrap your product faster, with less film and provide better containment.

Classic pads are our traditional product, consisting of a cellulose core surrounded by poly film and sealed on all four edges. They are mainly used for meat and fish, showing absorbencies of up to 75 grams with our standard sizes.

Introducing the Fill-Air Rocket™ inflatable void fill system, a void fill solution designed specifically to meet the needs of modern fulfillment. Drawing on decades of best-in-class inflatable void  fill experience, the Fill-Air Rocket™ system is faster, simpler, lighter and better prepared for your packaging operations.